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eMagnify DSM (emDSM) is a custom developed end to end solution with years of experience within the tech-nology field. 
The system was built from the ground up to cater for needs within businesses based on industry experi-ence. 
The application server can run on both Linux and Win-dows servers, giving cus-tomers a wealth of choice on infrastructure.

Why this new development? Very simple. Most other desktop service management (DSM) solutions offer a generic “what we think you need” solution. The is-sue is that all customers are unique. What if there is a NAT or Firewall rule preventing the successful implementation of a DSM solution? What if your network are not in a 100% presentable state for a perfect implementation?

A sad fact is that most customers have hybrid im-plementation schemes on their network topology. Some implemented Active Directory, others didn’t, other have a hybrid between the domain and Active Directory. Most “off the shelf” solutions out there assumes an already perfect implementation of the infrastructure.

This is where emDSM makes the difference—We realize that most customers looking for a solution to improve and maintain their infrastructure. The whole purpose of emDSM is based on the fact that we know the world is not perfect.

emDSM as a baseline were designed to bring a com-puter network up to scratch with corporate policies, and then maintain this clean setup autonomously afterwards.

Welcome to the real world!


The whole architecture of emDSM is to make it easy to navigate. The HTML5 web based pages load as if it’s a full application. 
The whole system was de-signed to give it an “all in one” look and feel. Not once the user will feel like they are leaving the system to push out rules, packages or remote control actions.

What is covered in this solution? 

  • Software packaging for distribution
  • Allow local depot servers to store and replicate installation files. This will keep the bandwidth over the HTTP protocol to the absolute mini-mum
  • Queuing service to allow messages to and from the agents and server to be persisted. Most other systems work on RPC where the message if errored out gets lost.
  • Allow packages to be scripted with dependen-cies on both other packages as well as operating system
  • Web based HTML5 remote control which can be invoked from within the GUI
  • Blacklisting on applications. This will stop ap-plications from launching by the agent. Even if the executable are renamed, the system will kill the task based on a fingerprint
  • Scheduled audits of the assets (computers). This include all information on the hardware and software. Within emDSM administrators will be able to view the history of all installed applica-tions as well as hardware changes—even if the memory were swapped in the memory banks!
  • Monitoring, as well as blocking, on USB activity
  • Operating system upgrades or fresh installs via agent or PXE boot
  • Patch management for some core well known applications
  • Open reporting tool with report presets

Depots plays an important role in the planning of your rollout. If the administration is done on the cloud, large installations like operating systems or MS Office could burden the HTTP protocol. 
For this reason emDSM al-low the agents to obtain the key install files from local depot servers. One location can even have multiple de-pots. This will allow the cus-tomer to cater for high vol-ume sites.

  • The system administration can be cloud or premise based
  • All depots can be local to a remote location, al-lowing large installation packages to download files locally using SMB
  • Depots replicate on a preset frequency as soon as a package gets published


Packaging software always has been a task left for scripting experts. With emDSM the bulk of the work is done via a user interface. As a bonus, an application can be downloaded by the administrator to do more advanced scripting for lar-ger installation packages.

  • No scripting required when using the user in-terface
  • For more advanced users, the output is an XML script which can be edited if needed.
  • Every package has the ability to be chain linked to other packages as dependencies
  • Every package could have multiple simultane-ous install actions as well as system checks


The overall architecture al-lows the system to function across most restrictive NATs and Firewalls. The agent is in constant contact with the message queuing, allowing the system to push and pull instructions on de-mand. 
This creates a secure sepa-ration between the agent and server, preventing abuse.

  • emDSM is designed for the real world. Mes-sages gets queued and executed on demand. This will keep the system resources to the abso-lute minimum
  • Using the AMQ protocol from the agent allows the system to communicated via the proven queuing mechanism
  • Audits are could be on demand, as well sched-uled
  • In a nutshell, the agents could be summarized


PDF Brochures :

Magnify DSM


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