career need some programmers/IT Developers with qualifications :

Please sent your application & CV to

  1. 1. PHP Developer (Expert level)
    • PHP 5.x
    • Codeigniter framework experience
    • Understand Linux and configuring Apache
    • MySQL
    • Ajax and HTML5 experience
    • CSS3
    • Js experience
    • Need 5 years or more experience in the industry.
    • Understand Cron jobs and how to call command shells like rm and ffmpeg

    2. Adobe Flash AS3

    • Flash CS4 or higher dev
    • Experience using the Flash Media Server API
    • Action Script 3 experience
    • Understand streaming media
    • Able to work independently
    • Understand P2P RTMFP and RTMP protocols from FMS
    • 4 or more years experience.
    • Understand the server side scripts for FMS

    3. Java developer for Android.

    • Java 1.6+ experience
    • Android development
    • Android media player experience
    • RTMP protocol awareness
    • Authentication to Snapz TV PHP site on the user
    • MySQL
    • J2EE
    • Knows how to call lower level system APIs on Linux, Windows and Android from Java
    • Queuing service experience (I can teach them this)
    • Eclipselink or Hibernate
    • Must know how to create UI components for Android, and HTML5 w. Ajax for Linux
    • 2 or more years experience

    4. Linux person who knows how to configure the following :-

    • Security and groups on CentOS/RH
    • Configure Apache
    • Knows how to compile ffmpeg and dependencies
    • Knows how to configure and install from source
    • Knows how to install SUN Java (Not open Java)
    • Manage Services and Daemons
    • Maintain and scan logs for security issues
    • Fix security issues
    • Understand SSH and certificates, and how to set it up
    • Aware of load balancing to the cloud
    • This is a junior level

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