Dot-Matrix POS Printer

CD-S500/501 Citizen Impact Printer

cds500The CD-S500 is ideally suited for point of sale applications that require color or monochromatic one, two, or three-ply receipts. This robust, impact printer features the latest technological advances including; drop-in paper loading, compact design, logic seeking head, built-in programmable buzzer, and ESC/POS compatibility. The CD-S500 is available in three models; standard, auto-cutter, and auto-cutter with paper take-up. All models are powered by an external AC adapter and feature user-replaceable interface boards (serial, parallel, USB, and Ethernet). The CD-S500 can also be wall-mounted and is ideal for kitchen slips, delivery slips, coupons, tickets, receipts, or daily reports.



High-speed printing: Approx.5.0 lines/sec.
Easy paper loading
Logic-seeking control
Optional interface cards
Selectable paper width
Two color printing
Page mode printing
ESC/POS compatibility
3 PLY printing capability
Built-in buzzer
Built-in NV Memory (Logo registration)
Black-mark sensor (Option)
Memory switch function
High reliability and durability
Driver: Windows Vista/XP/2003, OPOS 1.8, CUP

Download PDF Brochure:

Brochure Citizen CD-S500.pdf

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