Single Window Scanner

NCR RealScan 83 

Improves checkout productivity
The NCR RealPOS™ single window scanner features an aggressive, 30 line omni-directional scan pattern designed to improve productivity for both new and experienced cashiers.
Offers an intuitive cashier interface
To further improve ease of use, the cashier interface offers a customizable scan advisor leveraging five bright LEDs, which communicate scanner status and successful scans.
Provides a robust scanning solution.
While utilizing the industry standard footprint and available vertical and horizontal mounting options, this single window scanner also offers a terminal power option and auxiliary RS-232 and USB ports for additional connectivity.

Provides accurate information by recognizing and correcting label defects.
In the case of a problem label, the high performance scan pattern, combined with NCR’s patented PACESETTER software, quickly recognizes and corrects label defects.

Download PDF Brochure:

Brochure RealScan83.pdf

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