3” Portable Printer

Citizen CMP-30

3” Portable Printer

The CMP-30 printers are designed like all Citizen printers…simple to use and easy to operate. This, combined with the durable, strong plastic case which is designed to take the occasional knock, means our printers keep running and running.
The CMP-30 feature high capacity media rolls which can accept large diameter media rolls of approximately two inches, allowing for long print runs without changing the media. Furthermore, they come equipped with high capacity batteries, providing users with day-long printing capabilities.
Compact, robust and powerful, the CMP-20 and CMP-30 printers are ideal “Next Best Mobile Printing Solution for your receipt and labeling needs.

Easy media loading with drop-in paper loading and paper out indicator
Integral tear bar to cut paper to length
Lithium Ion battery technology and easy-to-change power modules
AC adapter as standard designed to recharge batteries on-board the printer or via an external charging station
ESC/POS Emulation
Magnetic stripe reader (optional)
Windows drivers and software development toolkits for a range of application platforms

Download PDF Brochure:

Brochure CMP-30.pdf

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