Programmable Keyboard

KB-66 Programmable Keyboard

Key Features

  • With 66 Cherry MX keys based on Gold Crosspoint technology, and have tactile feeling
  • Two different key actions (soft contact and keyclick)
  • Laser-engraved keycap symbols or high quality UV silk screen printed keycap symbols
  • Operating life cycle of individual keys:
    • Soft contact mode: 50 million strokes
    • Key click mode: 20 million strokes
  • Damaged keys can be easily replaced and hence save the replacement cost
  • With internal metal plate for key fixation, the protection against ESD is increased
  • Different relegendable keycaps (1 fold,  1.5 fold, 2*1.5 fold ) are available

Programmable Features

  • All keys can be programmed with unlimited characters
  • All data can be retained for no less than 100 years without additional battery
  • Does not require a TSR program and hence avoids application software crashes
  • Provides multi-level programming
  • Provides for a variable time delay of up to 255 seconds in each programmed string
  • Provides true keyboard wedge function that operates with or without the normal computer keyboard connected
  • Provide a true Caps/Scroll/Numeric Lock function independent of any other keyboards being connected
  • Support PS/2 programming in DOS, Windows9X, Me, 2K, XP

KB-78M Programmable Keyboard


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